Swimming, trekking, sight seeing are some of the activities in around The Last Resort.

The best part of The Last Resort is the river. The stretch adjoining the property is very private. This secluded river bank beach has very few rocks and safe for swimming. The water flows into a bay and there is no strong current.


  • a_swim.jpg Swimming - The river adjoining The Last Resort is ideal for swimming (except during the monsoon). The sandbar gently drops into the river making it safe even for kids. If you encounter any wild animal on the other side of the river - stay extremely quiet and hide behind a bush or tree - and observe. This is a rare sight.
  • a_truck.jpg Trekking - Coorg district, with its relatively low density of population and "Scottish" highlands, is one of the great places to trek. You can take a medium-tough walk along the riverside from The Last Resort to the source of the Cauvery - Bagamandala. This trek will cover a range of bio-diversity which you will not find anywhere else in the country. We need a day's notice to provide a good guide - if you are planning a long trek. There are beautiful walks along the river. You can take stroll all alone or with a guide.
  • a_bird.jpg Bird Watching - There are hundreds of birds that love this organic farm. The Last Resort is an ornithologist's delight. There are river birds like the snake cormorant down by the paddy fields and many around the house like the drongo or the minivet. If you sit quietly and observe, there is a virtual paradise that will unfold itself around you. Very, very de-stressing. A far cry from rush hour traffic.
  • a_elephant.jpg Elephant Camp - Get on a first name basis with an elephant. The jumbo delight of The Last Resort. Just one mile from The Last Resort is the Dubare elephant camp. You can trek along the river from the resort. It was set up by the Forest Department to train elephants. Trained elephants from here not only help in logging but are also sent for the Dasara celebrations in Mysore, every year. Every day at 8.30 am the unique Elephant Orientation programme begins...
  • a_rafting.jpg Rafting - Whitewater rafting is on during the monsoons when the river is in spate. The trip starts at Dubare (elephant camp) and goes thru a series of rapids close to The Last Resort and stops just before Kushalnagar. Children below 10 years of age and adults over 55 (especially with a heart condition) are not allowed.
  • a_snooz.jpg Snoozing - Sleeping does not sound like a very exciting activity! But without it - all other activities will lose their spark. At The Last Resort we can offer you what even some of the best hotels cannot give you - a peaceful, quiet place to take a short nap or a long, long snooze...


  • b_golf.jpg Golfer's heaven - Coorg. Four golf courses embellish this tiny district. Three are accessible to the public. Bitangala, near Virajpet has beautifully laid out greens and a clubhouse. The planters have brought in their expert knowledge of cultivation and made it into one of the best courses in Coorg.

    Belur Club near Somvarpet is a rustic and charming course. Mercara Downs Golf Course near Madikeri with its hilly surroundings makes it one of the most picturesque courses in the South of India. The fourth at Pollibeta, is owned by Tata Coffee and will require special permission.

  • b_tibetan.jpg The Tibetan Camp - and monastery is only a 5 km away from Kushalnagar. It is the second largest Tibetans settlement in India and has three majestic gold coated 40 feet high idols.
  • b_nisargadhama.jpg Nisargadhama - is a couple of kilometres from Kushalnagar. It is a beautiful ecological park, where Cauvery river splits forming an island and a bamboo forest. It has a hanging bridge, boating, elephant ride, tree top shelter and deer park.
  • b_nagarahole.jpg Nagarahole - (Rajiv Gandhi National Park) an excellent opportunity to witness wild animals of different kinds, from the majestic elephant to the deer, tiger, cheetah, jackal etc. The forest comprises of valuable wealth like the teak, rosewood, sandal wood trees etc.
  • b_irpu_falls.jpg Irpu Falls - is 15 km away from Nagarahole. A beautiful Shiva Temple dedicated by Lord Sri Rama is on the banks of the river. Walking besides the paddy field and watching the gorgeous falls which is about 60 ft is a real treat to the eyes.


  • c_madikeri.jpg Madikeri, Kodagu - is one of the most beautiful tourist places in South India. Madikeri (Mercara) being its capital, has a population of around 45,000.
  • c_raja.jpg The Raja's Seat - Overlooking a deep valley is the delightful garden, the main spot of attraction. The Raja's Seat is so called because the Rajas of Kodagu spent their evenings at this vantage point watching spectacular sunsets.
  • c_fort.jpg The Fort - The architecture of Madikeri is unusual. Built on high grounds, the Madikeri Fort looms large over the town. This was rebuilt between 1812-1817. At the entrance stands the majestic sculpture of horses erected on the entrance wall. It now houses the DC's office and civil courts.
  • c_omkareshwara.jpg Omkareshwara Temple - was built in 1820 by Lingarajendra the then ruling king to ward off the evil caused by "Brahma Rakshasas". The Shiva Linga is said to be brought from the holy place "Kasi". This temple has an unusual architectural combination of 'indo-sarsenic' style.
  • c_abbi_falls.jpg Abbi Falls - A thrilling 8 kilometre drive through forests and coffee plantations leads to the most popular attraction and picnic spot - the Abbi Falls. The gushing sound and the beauty of the falls can be experienced from the hanging bridge.
  • c_talacauvery.jpg Talacauvery - the ruling deity goddess of Coorg is the Mother Cauvery. The birth place of Sacred River, Cauvery. Talacauvery is one of the main pilgrim centres of Karnataka. A 48 Km drive from Madikeri stands Talacauvery at the foot of "Brahmagiri Hills".